He’s been the new don in town for months. And everyone has been wondering the source of his dime. Socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White might find himself in a pot of hot soup very soon.

Bryan White

Bryan White

The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), a government arm that is mandated to investigate and resolve financial assets owned by the public has said it is going to start scrutinizing Bryan White and other people who splash money

in public.

During a press conference on Tuesday, officials from the authority said they are going to collaborate with banks to identify their source of income.

FIA is responsible for combating and preventing money laundering in the country and enforcing compliance by accountable persons with requirements of the Act.  The Authority was established by section 18 of the Anti-Money laundering Act, 2013, and it started operations in 2014.

Since he made it in the social circles, no one seems to have a correct idea of how he amassed all this money. His Italian inheritance story is an unbelievable one. The drugs story is also quite a dubious one.


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