Former Miss Uganda, Ellah Nantumbwe has been gven bodyguards to keep her safe. And we are told its Prophet Elvis Mbonye who’s hired them.

Ellah with her hired 'Kabodyz'

Ellah with her hired ‘Kabodyz’

It is not clear why the generous man of God hired bodyguards for the former beauty queen but sources close tell us he wants her safe all the time.

Ever since

she or someone threw her a birthday bash and gifted her a monster car, Ellah has been the talk of town with tongues wagging.

Many claim its Mbonye who bought her the car. She denies it.

“I have never had a conversation with Mbonye,” she said. She was seen on Sunday at Jahazi Pier, Munyonyo during Roast and Rhyme surrounded by over four bodied men and some policemen stayed in the parking lot to guard her car.


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