Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga is still in jail in Dubai, United Arab Emirates contrary to reports that he was released sometime back.

SK Mbuga

SK Mbuga

Our sources in Dubai tell us the Ugandan fraudulent businessman was arrested in a botched deal in the Arab state on January 28 at Dubai International airport.

He was charged with fraud and money laundering in a gold deal gone bad. There were unconfirmed reports that Mbuga was due to be freed from Al Awiir central jail on medical grounds.

However, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem said he was not aware of Mbuga’s return to Uganda.

“He has asked our embassy in Abu

Dhabi for consular services, to intervene and have him released from jail and we are doing exactly that but he is not yet back in the country,” he said by telephone yesterday.

“As government of Uganda we are not interested with whatever case he is charged with. What we are interested in like any other Ugandan who may be abroad and in distress is to get him released,” he added.

However, sources said he will remain in prison until he pays $250,000 (Shs937m) he allegedly defrauded from a businessman there. An Oman businessman, Mr Ali Ahmad Ahmad Bur Omar, opened a case with Dubai police accusing him of issuing a bounced cheque worth $250,000.

And now our source confirms that Mbuga is still in but could be released before the end of this month.


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