Bobi Wine and his people must be smiling following the hugely impressive and successful Kyarenga concert.

Bobi wine performing at the Kyalenga concert

Bobi wine performing at the Kyalenga concert

It was a Busabala One Love beach record attendance with an estimated 50, 000 tickets sold.

And Bobi immediately took to Facebook to celebrate his latest success. He wrote: “What a day, What a Night, What a Show! THANK YOU to the thousands of friends, supporters and fans who came down to One Love Beach Busabala last night for the #KyarengaConcert. Abaana ba Uganda mwena, I cannot thank you enough for the massive show of support and solidarity.

What a night!!! Not only did you

show up in record numbers, the vibe was so good.

You lit the fire and kept it burning. Thank you for dancing to the songs of freedom. I enjoyed every bit of the night, and it was evident you guys had fun too.  I was captivated by your sense of purpose, resilience and determination for a better Uganda. Your faces were all beaming with hope and aspiration even as we danced and sang. I want to send a special thank you to my fellow artistes who made the show even more colourful.”

As Bobi celebrates this milestone, Uganda Revenue Authority bosses are over the moon after reaping big from the event. The URA handlers have already contacted Bobi and are set to get 18% from each ticket sold. With the huge numbers involved URA will be reaping really big.


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