Nakaseke South Member of Parliament Lutamaguzi Ssemakula has reportedly been banned from appearing on Buganda Kingdom media channel, BBS Telefayina, following his impolite and rude remarks about Prince David Wasajja.

Lutamaguzi Ssemakula

Lutamaguzi Ssemakula

Outspoken legislator Lutamaguzi has been a regular on Maso Ku Gwanga weekly program on the Mengo based television station.

But reports now claim he has been given the


Following the tragic boat accident that claimed over thirty lives, a furious Lutamaguzi attacked Prince Wasajja, telling him to grow up and ‘stop acting like a child.’


Lutamaguzi wondered why Wasajja, a royal and elder, could be on a boat cruise with skimpily dressed young girls, fit to be his daughters.


And now it seems his remarks have not gone well with Buganda Kingdom leaders, who practically manage the television station.

We are told he (Lutamaguzi) has been banned from appearing on the station until further notice.


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