Bobi Wine’s Gulu Kyarenga concert was yesterday blocked by police under what has been termed as unclear circumstances.

The musician was set to hold his first major gig in the northern district following the huge success of the Kampala version.

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

However Police frustrated him, even when he claimed he had informed them three weeks back.

He told us: “So yet again, our concert in Gulu has been blocked by the police! We wrote to them three weeks ago informing them of the show and requested them for security. We compiled with all the laws and invested a lot of resources preparing for the show. Today, the police showed up at the venue cutting all banners and other advertising material without giving any explanation. Police patrol vehicles have

been moving around Gulu town, removing all the banners and posters! The promoters have been trying to call all responsible officers, and all they say is that they have ‘orders from above’ not to let me perform.


Dear brothers and sisters in Gulu, I was looking forward to having a good time with you tonight. Very soon it will be possible. I know that God willing, one day, we shall free ourselves from this mess and be able to enjoy ourselves in the new Uganda.


In the meantime, we shall stop at nothing in challenging this kind of injustice and gross violation of rights. We shall communicate to the nation about our next step. Tomorrow we shall be at Gulu High Court at 9:00am, concerning the tramped up charges from the Arua incident.”

Police meanwhile insists Bobi Wine did not have all the necessary requirements to hold the event.


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