KAMPALA – The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has come under fire for allegedly refusing to support newly crowned Miss Africa Quiin Abenakyo for the Miss World pageant.

Ugandans have lashed out at UTB for being quick at coming out with congratulatory messages in the media for Abenakyo, yet they failed to meet their promises of funding her bid at the Miss World beauty pageant which was held in Sanya, China, last Saturday.

The Advert UTB has issued out to the Media

The Advert UTB has issued out to the Media

Many people have come out to blast UTB bosses through their messages posted on social media. The Ugandans who blasted UTB, that this website saw but seeks to keep anonymous wrote on their social Timeline thus;

“My dears when I heard of issues Brenda was facing to the point of selling some of her property to fund Miss Uganda, pay workers, pay service providers then later fund travel for Quiin and herself because as a must each Miss World contestant should come along with a patron or manager.

I requested Brenda and her team that I post and we inform the public & solicit help but they feared. They said “these guys assured us and we have

to wait on them least we anger them and they change their mind on supporting us”.

At that point I just resorted to praying for them. Later the people who had given them hope totally disappointed them. So what shocked me and annoyed me was to see the same people majestically gluing on Quiin.

I feared! U remember even Tsevo blasted them recently that they have let down the country it was all over the news. They treat people badly and lie a lot. Bajega nnyo. Why do you think most comments were pointing fingers at UTB?

Mbu they even disrespect their own line ministers. Oba they get this power from where? Meanwhile I have spared you some details. That girl went one week late. As a requirement, each contestant must have a patron for her she was alone because Brenda Nanyonjo had run out of money.

Imagine she’s late, she’s not in company of a patron, she’s young, she’s behind schedule, has no proper clothes according to the Miss World pageant standards, no money! The patron is back in Uganda hustling with debts from the Miss Uganda pageant. Every promise turned out empty.

Brenda had spent so much money that at times she didn’t even have mbs to check on Quiin. Is that it?”

Shame on Uganda Tourism Board many Ugandans lashed out on reading the post.


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