Talkative Rubaga North Member of Parliament (MP) reckons fellow legislator Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, is overrated.

Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama


Bobi is seen by many as the fresh face of the opposition in the fight against the current NRM regime.

Lubwama says Bobi Wine is not a big deal as he is being projected.

“He is just a lucky bloke whose rise is bolstered by people who hate the current regime. People think he can remove the President, if

he doesn’t, Ugandans will desert him and jump onto another,” he says.

Lubwama dismisses Bobi’s chancee of becoming president.

“He cannot topple a military government. It is extremely hard. I wish him luck though, and I encourage him to keep up with the fighting spirit.”

Even before the pair joined politics, Lubwama always had a low opinion of Bobi’s music, saying Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone were better artistes.

Bobi wine in court

Bobi wine in court


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