For the last two days, the Uganda music industry has been in shock following a document purportedly from government proposing new stringent regulations to govern musicians.
Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Since the document first circulated on social media, most musicians have remained silent.
Mostly because they are not sure if the document is authentic, or for fear of being viewed as government critics.
For starters the 14 page document includes proposed regulations which include; every Artist shall need a License to operate in Uganda, artistes will need permission to shoot music videos, an artist will not perform in more than one venue unless the next performance is 4 hours after,  artist performance time shall not be less than 60 minutes and not more than 120 minutes, no artist will perform abroad unless you have permission from the ministry.
The document also includes hygiene, drug usage among others.
Speaking to Xclusive UG, musician Bebe Cool said all Ugandans need to have regulations governing them but admitted that the document was a bit harsh on musicians.
“It’s the right direction, music like any other sector must be regulated. However the proposed regulations in the document are quite harsh. But this can be reviewed,” Bebe Cool told this website.
However like many other Ugandans he also questioned its authenticity.
He said: “Yes I have seen the document. Actually Cindy (Sanyu) sent it to me, but I really do not know if it is legit.”

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