President Yoweri Museveni reportedly gave musician Bebe Cool Shs1 billion cash, with a promise of a further Shs1 billion, to help crash Bobi Wine, and popularise the NRM ideology.

Bebe Cool, Museveni believes, is the man to spearhead the fight against fast rising People Power crusader Bobi Wine.
In fact, Museveni has already succeeded in making it a Bobi/Bebe contest, not Bobi against Museveni.
Bebe Cool and Museveni are close

Bebe Cool and Museveni are close

According to our trusted sources, Bebe Cool received the money shortly before he travelled to the United States of America on holiday, in late August last year (2018).
He spent close to three months in the States, only leaving for Accra Ghana where he received an AFRIMA award before flying back to America.
This was weeks after Bebe visited Museveni in Rwakitura. He was in the company of fellow singer Catherine Kusasira among others.
Upon his return, the singer held a press conference at Torino Bar in Kampala and briefed journalists on the progress of his charity works.
And since then the talented musician has been involved in various charity works including donating items worth millions to Kiruddu Hospital.
While many defiant and extremist youths have always dismissed Cool’s charity works, its is believed by Museveni’s handlers that such good PR gives Cool support among the torelant youths and some ‘angry’ ones.
President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool's music gala

President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool’s music gala

And the president’s handlers believe this group of youthful Kampalans is big. And rightly so.
This, therefore, will provide a hospitable environment for Bebe to push the Museveni 2021 agenda.
It has also been argued that his (Bebe) recent reconciliation gesture with Bobi Wine will help tame the anger many youths have towards him.
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Museveni and his people are aware Cool has an army of social media followers commonly known as Gagamelians.
They will at any cost back whatever Cool decides, whether right or wrong.
While NRM and president Museveni appreciate the fact that these Gagamelians have lately been over shadowed by Bobi’s People Power movement online in terms of numbers, there is a general belief that Bebe Cool’s ‘army’ often dictates the online conversation. They are bullies.
It is through this that Silent Majority was born.
Bebe Cool is the leader of Silent Majority movement that is meant spearhead the fight against Bono Wine’s People Power.
Apart from doing charity work, Bebe Cool will use, and is already using the money from Museveni to champion Silent Majority work.
T-Shirts, caps, banners and many other goodies for Silent Majority are being printed and will be distributed all over free of charge.
As of now, it’s only Bebe Cool who dons the Silent Majority attire as he popularises the movement.
They are being printed by a one Kleberson, a diehard Bebe Cool fan, now part of his management.
“In the next few months, everything will become clearer. The Bebe Cool Silent Majority movement will become clearer. 2019 should paint a clearer picture of were Bobi will be. And Bebe will play a major role,” a State House insider told this website.
And this is already happening. For the last few weeks, Bebe Cool has been making headlines, appearing on various television and radio talk shows.
In just the last ten days, Bebe Cool has been hosted on Capital Gang on Capital Radio, Face Off on NBS TV, The Frontline show on NBS TV.
He has also been hosted on Urban TV and Spark TV.
He is expected to appear on many more political shows in the coming few days.
He is also expected to shoot most of his upcoming music videos in locations that will bring out some of the successes of the regime, like the magnificent Nile bridge.

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