It’s nolonger news that President Yoweri Museveni’s young brother General Salim Saleh gave musician King Saha Shs20 million over the weekend in Kasese.

King Saha being followed by Salim Saleh

King Saha being followed by Salim Saleh

King Saha was in Kasese as part of the ongoing Biri Biri album launch tours.
The talented vocalist was set to hold his concert on Saturday at Silver Springs Hotel in the western Uganda district.
But unfortunately for Saha, authorities blocked the event faulting show organisers on not getting

the necessary security clearance.

Thus the event was cancelled.

This prompted the event organiser, Tony Ssempija, to contact his old pal Salim Saleh who was at his Kasese home.

After listening to the organiser and Saha’s woes, Saleh gave them Shs20 million and used his powers to sanction the event to go on, and for free.

Originally revelers were meant to part with Shs10k.
However NRM critics see this move as one of the ploys by Saleh to swing the predominantly opposition district in Museveni’s favour.

“Nothing else can explain why he paid Shs20 million for Kasese people to watch a music concert free of charge,” one reasoned.


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