All responsible parents work towards protecting their growing daughter(s) from horny men.
And this is what we believe musician Bebe Cool has done over the years as his little girl, Beata, hits adolescence.
Allan Hendrick Ssali

Allan Hendrick Ssali

But it looks like the Gagamel and Silent Majority CEO has another war on his hands.
Slay queens are plotting on bedding his son Allan Hendrick Ssali, and they have no problem letting him know.
During last evening’s Valentine day celebrations at Fame Lounge in Kampala,  horny slay queens bravely and publicly told the Wasibuka Was singer they were interested in his son.
Without mincing words, skimpily dressed slays queens- some old enough to be Hendrix mom- roared as Bebe Cool performed on stage.
“We want your son, le us eat him live,” the slay queens could be heard shouting.
However their calls were hit by a big snag as Bebe insisted his son was still too young.
Meanwhile the star musician last night rekindled his love for his gorgeous wife Zuena when he invited her onto stage.

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