Anne Kansiime has told pals she’s enjoying mind-blowing romps with her young lover.

Anne Kansiime plaiting her 'playboys' hair

Anne Kansiime plaiting her boy’s hair

The talented comedian has been dating the fella, much younger than her, since 2016.
And Anne is said to be ‘head over heels’ and has told pals the boy is the best thing to happen to her love life.
One source told us: “Anne is completely

smitten. The boy has blown her mind off. He is younger than her but he’s work.”
We are told ever since the two started out, Anne has had a smile on her face. She’s having a blast.

“She’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep him. She can’t imagine a life without him. He’s The One,” the source added.

Eversince the pair started dating, they have rocked almost every part of the country in what has been described as a public display of love.

“They love each and don’t mind everyone knowing about,” a close pal revealed.


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