What an era to be alive where competition has made content providers think deeper to create appealing content to keep the viewers hooked.


If your content is bad then you won’t survive in this harsh environment that has also seen online content bite into the space of television.

NBS TV Morning show

NBS TV Morning show

I must say Next Media has mastered how to get their viewers watch their four stations, Next Radio inclusive because of the visual radio, with their well thought out content.

The latest being the addition of Hilda Bahati on Sanyuka TV.

After watching adverts and posters of her coming onto the screen soon with a new show “The Morning Xpress”, I had no doubt this was going to be another big bang in the market.


If you have

attended her monthly shows that address relationships, career and many other social issues, you definitely know what I’m talking about.


Bahati’s rich experience in this field saw her being hosted on several shows to inspire people, and if you have scrolled through her timeline you see positive feedback from her attempts to align her fans’ lives.
The maiden show came on, I saw a definitely composed Hilda I have always seen come on with wild smiles moderating yet another topic we all struggle with “The Power of Starting Now”.

I can break it down as it went but you can check the Sanyuka Facebook page where it was streaming for an hour.
It’s a blessing having you Hilda on TV, and for the audience is already hooked.

Those yet to tune in, its Sanyuka TV at 8:30am Monday to Friday.

I can assure you this life coach is the next big TV thing in the industry with a big show.


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