Forbes Enterprises Limited, located in Kiwatule behind U Save Supermarket, has grown into the leading labour exporting company in Uganda.

For the few years it’s been in operation, Forbes Enterprises has mastered the art of professionalism.


Youthful Ugandans have embraced Forbes Enterprises

Youthful Ugandans have embraced Forbes Enterprises

Its success story is based purely on professionalism.

Forbes is an organization founded and managed by a group of dynamic professionals with over two decades of global business and networking experience, is giving youthful Ugandans an opportunity to realize their dreams.


Forbes Enterprises has since the beginning of this months conducted interviews for cleaners, domestic workers, security guards among others, to work in the United Arab Emirates.

They have also conducted interviews for young Ugandans wishing to work in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


Speaking to this website, Forbes CEO Didas Kaginda insisted the company aims majorly at giving Ugandans opportunities to better their lives and those of their loved ones.


He said: “We give many chances to our countrymen to get better in life. And because of our professionalism, humility, trustworthiness, Ugandans trust us.   We offer fantastic salaries and the working conditions of our people abroad are great. This is what has made us thrive”

Based in Kiwatule Kampala Uganda, Forbes

Enterprises is a dynamic recruitment agency that offers recruiting and job placement services within a wide range of industry sectors.


Registered by the government of the Republic of Uganda, the agency helps Ugandans to find jobs at home and overseas.

CEO Didas Kaginda

CEO Didas Kaginda



“We work with licensed agencies to place our clients with any suitable employer in different countries around the world. We put an emphasis on sincerity and dedication to prospective employees as well as employers,” Kaginda added.


He also added that the company aims at eradicating unemployment among the youths in the country.

The company has so far connected more than 10000 Ugandan youths to work in Qatar, Dubai and other lucrative areas.


And ever since its inception, many people have applauded the company for their dedication and audacity to create employment opportunities to Ugandans.


He concluded: “Forbes Enterprises Limited has never disappointed in taking people to work abroad. This is proof that our work is genuine and more Ugandans should embrace such opportunities. When you get the opportunity to work abroad, work to your best and by so doing, you impress the whole world watching you. When you reach out there, be good ambassadors for all of us.


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