Jane Kasuubo, the mom of late singer Moze Radio, has rejected former Miss Uganda Dora Mwima’s son, we have been told.

The Late singer's mum Jane Kasubo

The Late singer’s mum Jane Kasubo

Last week, Mwima publicly came out and made a startling revelation that her nine year old son, Ethan, was Radio’s.

She said that one of Radio’s wives, Lillian Mbabazi, and her children had accepted Ethan.

“Lillian’s two boys were happy to learn that they

have another brother,” Mwima wrote.

But it looks like not all in Radio’s family have accepted Mwima’s kid Ethan.

Word reaching our desk indicates that Radio’s mom has expressly told her family that Ethan or Mwima are not welcome at her home.
Family sources say Kasuubo accuses Mwima of gold digging.
“She (Kasuubo) is aware Mwima said she doesn’t want any of Radio’s properties but she is no fool. She knows Mwima will come back one day,” a source said.
As a result Kasuubo has told her family not to accept Mwima and her son, Ethan.


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