Last week Flamboyant Sangoma Eddy Kyeyune aka Ed Cheune was reportedly languishing in coolers after being arrested by operatives from the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Cheune's love for cars is legendary

Cheune’s love for cars is legendary

Snoops intimate that Kyeyune was netted after being allegedly linked to a cartel that was plotting to kidnap some children in Kampala such that they would demand ransom from their parents.

cheune, who is known for cruising flashy rides,   is currently in custody as investigations continue, after which he and others in cartel will be brought to book.

Latest info reaching our gossip desk has it that Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi is cited in the arrest of Cheune after the two allegedly fell out badly.

Its alleged that Cheune and Nalongo Maggie have been involved in a secret deal to represent a top loaded Dubai based

Russian business woman identified as Nirkhan to pursue a case against embattled socialite Nasser Nduhukire aka Don Nasser.

A report from Dubai indicates that Nasser fleeced the Russian businesswoman of over USD5M, approximately UGX18.8Bn.

Nalongo Maggie and Cheune approached the businesswoman promising to pursue her case against Nasser and the two were given powers of attorney to represent her as complaints and witnesses in the fraud case in Ugandan court.

However, after Nasser learnt of the move, he settled the matter with Nalongo Maggie after allegedly offering her shs 300m and dropped the idea of pursuing the a case.

It is upon this background that Nalongo Maggie got in touch with security personnel and provided dirty deals where Cheune has been involved which led to his arrest last Thursday.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that Nalongo Maggie is these days very inseparable with Don Nasser and the two are said to have reconciled and rejuvenated their love life after settling out in a money deal.


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