The Kitgum-Gulu highway had been one of the worst roads in Uganda, even attracting a lot of rage from the residents.

The Bridge

The Bridge

Vehicles getting stuck for many days at Lafuda along the Gulu-Kitgum highway was a daily occurence leaving many travelers stranded.
At one point transporters threatened to ground their vehicles citing the high costs of vehicle maintenance, resulting from the poor state of the road.

At one time in 2008, residents threatened to boycott the 2001 general elections if nothing was done about the road.
The planned boycott never materialised because President Yoweri Museveni listened.

Ten years later, the amazing Gulu-Kitgum Highway is a first class tarmac road, giving travellers an unforgettable ride.

Bebe Cool and his #SilentMajority team will attest to this.

Just a few days ago, the musician and his team hit the road to Kitgum to join in the Tarehe Sita celebrations.

And what’s an experience it was!
The road is an attraction on its own. Places like Acholibur Junction, River Aswa Bridge among others will always see travelers make stop overs for selfies.
The Silent Majority team made a number of stop overs to and fro. And it’s easy to see why.

Speaking during

Tarehe Sita celebrations at Kitgum Core Primary School Teachers College Grounds, Kitgum district, Museveni said Ugandans who stay in Kampala don’t know anything about such developments.

The Kitgum highway towards Sudan

The Kitgum highway towards Sudan


“I’m happy this function was brought to Kitgum. We have forced ‘Kampalians’ to come to Kitgum to see what the NRM has done,” Museveni said.

He added: “They have travelled on a good road all the way to Kitgum. It goes up to South Sudan border.”

And since the completion of the road, there has been tremendous growth in economic activities, both along the highway and in Kitgum.
Along the highway, you will find a number of residents stationed with their produce like Irish potatoes, yams targeting travellers who always make stop overs to appreciate the natural beauty that side of the country.
The amazing road has without a doubt given residents a new lease of life following the end of the brutal and senseless Joseph Kony LRA war.

The Kitgum Round about

The Kitgum Round about




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