Ragga queen Cindy Sanyu has dismissed any chance (as of now) of a battle with musician Sheebah Karungi.

Jeff romantically holds Sheeba in a selfie

Jeff romantically holds Sheeba in a selfie


For sometime fans have envisaged a battle between the two talented musicians with many suggesting such battle would be total drawer.
Both musicians have churned out great hits over the years.
Both artistes have not said a word. Until recently.

While appearing on UBC Horizon Vibe hosted by Calvin, Cindy said Sheebah still has a long way to go to qualify for a battle.

Infact Cindy, who calls herself King, says

no female musician is at her level.

And she has a good reason.

Cindy says all the female stars who are currently doing well are dummies.
They are dummies because they have management pushing and making for them music.
“Look at all of them, they are dummies. They don’t write their music, their management companies invest in them. I hassle on my own. That’s why they are queen’s and I’m a King,” Cindy said.
She also said Sheebah is a very talented musician but needs to keep working hard to get to her (Cindy’s) level.

Recording Artist Cindy Sanyu

Recording Artist Cindy Sanyu


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