If we are to go by the words that came from Apass while stinging Ykee Benda for his Singa Concert set to happen this month, looks like the ‘tuli ku bigere’ singer is aboout to live by the title of his song.

Ykee Benda hits back at Apass

Ykee Benda hits back at Apass

As you read this Ykee Benda has hit back calling the singer a faded loot whose music

does not live to see the light of day after two weeks.

Ykee Benda also dared Apass to organise a concert since he has not done so in the 5 year period that he has been around but instead he (Apass) chooses to mock those who have since grown a fan base to hold such concerts.
On the choice of the venue, Ykee Benda explained that he chose Serena because his audience cuts across and they would not want to go to Freedom City and be shoved around, but not to prove he’s grown ‘wings’ now


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