POP diva Rema Namakula has left her fiancé Eddy Kenzo’s Seguku home after over five years.
Rema Namakula in Meditation

Rema Namakula in Meditation

Rema and Kenzo had been living together as husband and wife for years, even getting a child together.
However, Kenzo is said to have abandoned their posh home last year and moved to rent somewhere in Buzinga, another Kampala surbub.
Then word was ripe that Kenzo was seeing another female singer, Pia Pounds, signed to his record label,
Big Talent.
Rema was abandoned in their home in Seguku and has since lived there with their child, Aamal Musuza.
But now she’s decided enough is enough.
Close sources reveal that the Sili Muyembe star has also left the home and rented an apartment in Namugongo.
Our sources tell us Rema packed her belongings including G Strings, Mother’s Union knickers and bras and left the home.
As you read this, the Seguku home is still abandoned but unconfirmed sources reveal Kenzo is planning on moving in with Pounds.
Meanwhile Rema has told close pals and family that Kenzo is her worst mistake.

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