Veteran musician Ragga Dee, real names Daniel Kazibwe, has weighed in on how best to look after child singer Fresh Kid.

Raga dee

Raga dee

A few days ago, child affairs minister Nakiwala Kiyingi ordered the seven year old to hang his mic and concentrate or school, or face arrest in a juvenile prison.

Ragga Dee, who started singing while in school, thinks otherwise.

 “Being talented especially at a young age is both advantageous and disadvantageous.
The minister is both right and wrong. What is needed is guiding the boy, and not stopping him.
The ministry needs to help such extra ordinary talents. If he is helped in ten years
he could be a top person,” Ragga Dee said.
The veteran star also believes Fresh Kid should be enrolled in a music school.
He added: “People like David Beckham were nurtured through enrolling in football academies.
This kid has a special talent, what is needed is to enrol him in better schools for him to learn the basics like mathematics etc.
Let him be encouraged to finish his primary school and then take him to a technical school to further his special talent.”
The Empeta singer revealed that he earned his first million shillings while in school in 1990.
“I performed at various gigs and was given a million shillings. Then I wondered why I needed to keep in school. My head was disorganized. Fresh Kid needs guidance otherwise he can fall off track,” the singer concluded.

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