Your heart will rarely get broken when your legs are kept closed .Dating is not marriage – Some of you have literally married yourselves off to your boyfriends & they are now so relaxed to commit because they see no need to because they have easy sex & chores.
Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe

You stay with him or at-least visit every weekend from Friday to Monday. You cook , you clean, have sex with him & shave him. Tudde engulu . That’s a wife’s duty & not a girlfriend’s. He probably wonders if you did all you do with other men you dated before him.
Bakyala – When you sell yourself cheap to a man, you leave him with nothing to look forward to. In the past, the only way a man could have sex with a lady is when he marries her, now ladies do all these Olympic, Acrobatic, Monkey styles on the first date. 3 days later, they are on family planning. Lets be serious!!
Mwebereremu – There has to be something a man respects about you. Don’t be too easy. Respect yourself & make him want you for something more serious than just easy sex.

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