A local vocalist with star Cindy Sanyu’s Band Cindy is being accused of snatching married men, and then bragging about it.

Senga Namazzi Mercy accuses Mitchell Tumuhise aka Mitchy Dallen of running many families as a side dish.

Mitchy during one of her performances

Mitchy during one of her performances

In strong language, Mercy refers to talented vocalist Mitchy as a whore.

This is her accusation in full and unedited:

“This is Mitchell Tumuhise original names. She calls herself Mitchy Dallen as her stage name. She’s a backup singer in Cindy’s

band. This girl has ruined many families yet she’s a side whore. She started with Eddie, newefulanyo ayagala abaana be nga you get to them minus his consent.

You shattered a one Brandon’s relationship. Tetuganye abasaja benda but why do you seek recognition from their wives. There many complaints about her and this time around tugenda kwabya ne social media ekutame. We have everything of you including nudes. You were warned ku page yo but you kept deleting kati nonya. Bed all the men u want after all okalekawo Nebada ewabakazi babwe but stop hurting there women by sending your filthy texts n pics.”


We contacted Mitchy but she was unavailable by press time.


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