Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) electoral commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi has explained why Bobi Wine continues to become popular and why other political players should be scared of him.

Tanga Odoi

Tanga Odoi

For months, Bobi continues to be a rock in Uganda’s politics with many viewing him as the only genuine challenger to President Yoweri Museveni in 2021.

NRM’s Tanga believes he knows why.

He explains: “”NRM mistakes have made Bobi Wine more popular and stronger politically.

Bobi Wine wasn’t that strong but

the mistakes in NRM have helped him to be what he is right now. I remember the bi-election that was in Kyadondo East, when we were campaigning for our candidate Sebalu, there were some NRM members who were supporting Bobi Wine because they never liked Sitenda Sebalu.

This was the biggest mistake in this bi-election, they supported him not knowing what he would become in future, it was a poor calculation. Politics changes year in year out, right now it would be a very big mistake to underestimate him. Planning for him in a proper way is the best thing we can do.”


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