You probably have heard of blogger Peng Peng, who also goes by the name Raymond Soulfa on Facebook.

Peng Peng

Peng Peng

The malnourished dreadlocked failed Ugandan has turned to blackmail for survival and cheap attention seeking.

And it’s so unfortunate that one of the people he wants to ride on for cheap fame is star musician, Rasta Bebe Cool.

For starters, Peng Peng was a member of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily, until six months ago when management fired him due to indiscipline.

Since his axing in November last year, Peng Peng has turned to blackmail, mudslinging, name tarnishing as a way of getting back at Bebe.

In his latest unfortunate attack on Bebe Cool, scheming Peng Peng lies that three months ago he spoke to Bebe Cool about Shs5 billion the musician allegedly  received from President Yoweri Museveni.
For clarity’s sake, Bebe Cool HAS NOT spoken to Peng Peng for a longtime, leave alone receiving the said amount

of money from the president.

It’s disturbing this stupid Peng Peng claims Rasta is into the printing business. He claims Bebe owns the business that prints Gagamel/Bebe Cool, Silent Majority T Shirts and caps.

This is a pure, naked lie and everyone knows this. The printing business belongs to Kleberson, one of Gagamel’s royal soldiers.

It’s even registered under the trademark KLEBERSON WEAR.
Bebe Cool only helped Kleberson set up the business by giving him starting capital. This is just one of the very many good things Bebe has done for those close to him as he works towards empowering his friends into securing their lives.
The musician is a man with A GOLDEN HEART of helping.
No other musician has empowered people around him/her like Bebe has. This is a FACT!

Peng Peng claims that Bebe owns Kleberson’s business is not only foolish but stupid as well.

Peng Peng is simply envious of hardworking young men like Kleberson who have stayed in Kampala to hustle their way to a better life, instead of running away to Sweden to turn into women.


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