Development Channel (DC), a job creating company, has credited accounts of 560 people as it’s economic war program takes shape and starts to benefit Africans.

Development channel
This website can confirm starting this week, DC has paid dividends, or monthly support payments for the first time in the history of the movement to its activated beneficiaries.

The credited accounts are for people from Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria including children with average $30 per account.

Commenting on the developments, the company boss Charles Lambert said he is excited about the achievement.

“We are blessed by God for the beginning of ordinary Africans enjoying proceeds from Africa’s first economic war.

We will continue our

stride until billions of dollars which usually leave the shores of Africa through foreign brands are redirected into the pockets and communities of Africans.
Thank you very much my Lord Jesus Christ for everything,” Charles N. Lambert, Chairman of DC said.

And various beneficiaries have been waxing lyrical about their benefits.

“Oh my God thanks for this good wonderful beginning, I appreciate ,for now I stand to move in every program for DC as long I have energy I will always stand .

I understand always the beginning is not easy. But what I see, I’m comfortable with DC that our support (Together indeed we Can). I pray God to grant as more many success in DC programs. Kind regards,” Gideon Thembo, a beneficiary commented.


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