Today morning, nude photos believed to be those of local social media comedian – Martha Kagimba have been creating most of the buzz on WhatsApp as they circulated amongst several Ugandans.

Martha Kay

Martha Kay

The photo that has circulated the most shows her seated on a bathtub, completely naked, displaying her cleanly shaven sumbi – legs wide open.

While on Twitter her name has been the most trending hitting top by the hour, second to the #tag ‘VisitUganda’

until it got to the top as the most trending tag name in uganda.

This forced her to close her twitter account a move many thought was not wise but though she needed time for herself.

Information of who exactly leaked the photos is still a speculation as many claim her phone was stolen and therefore had the photos leaked.

But who took the photos in the first place is the question we ought to be asking

Twitter Screenshot

Twitter Screenshot


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