Anne Mungoma, the organizer of the Miss Curvy Beauty pageant has challenged whoever claims they have issues over ownership of the Jeep Grand Cherokee which was given to the pageant winner to come forward and face them.

Annie Mungoma, Organiser - Miss Curvy

Annie Mungoma, Organiser – Miss Curvy

In an interview she held recently, Ms Mungoma who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer Mungoma events. The same event that organized last month’s controversial beauty contest said she has been waiting for whoever is accusing them of mischief to step forward but in vain.

According to her, they are throwing jabs at them from the shadows.

“The person who sponsored the Jeep Grand Cherokee offered it as a sponsor in return for the advertisement to make his company visible and it featured in all our radio and television adverts,” she said in an interview on Friday.

Asked about social media reports about their alleged failure to pay for the vehicle which was handed over to the winner, she said as a matter of fact, the day when the vehicle was handed over to Belinda Nansasi, the overall winner, she

confessed not knowing how to drive adding that she was not in a hurry to take the vehicle home and Ms Mungoma called Matia Tamale, the one who offered the vehicle to take it back until they were ready to pick it.

“We had already given away the vehicle and I also feared to keep it in my custody. What if anything happened to it. We drove back the vehicle to him the following day and since then he has the vehicle,” she said.

Asked where the controversy is now coming from, she said the evening before the finals, Mr. Matovu called her saying he was withdrawing the vehicle because he no longer wanted to sponsor the pageant but she insisted that they had to brand the vehicle since it was already getting closer to the event and they couldn’t make other adjustments adding that Mr Matovu then told them to pay for the vehicle at Shs16 million which they agreed to but at a later date since she did not have cash with her.

“I accepted to pay him the money but at a later date. However, they started asking me to make a deposit of Shs 2 million so that they could repaint the vehicle,” she said.


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