Ali Marcus Lwanga the ex con lover of Telly star Sheila Gashumba has welcomed criticism from the public revealing it inspires him to work harder.

God's Plan and Sheila Gashumba

God’s Plan and Sheila Gashumba

Lwanga, also known as God’s Plan, served time in a UK jail for fraud.

Since his return to Uganda, he has spent time flossing with his

new lover Sheila. But recent reports indicate that the fella could be running out of cash.


Despite always coming off humble and silent, the moneybag has raised his voice this time around as he notes that the hate people give only makes him work even harder


“I love it when they hate me. It makes me wake up earlier. It makes me grind harder, it makes me focus on my goals so dear hater, thank you,” he wrote on Insta.



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