The United States embassy last night (Tuesday) twitted it hosted the leaders of the LGBT community in Uganda and pledged its continued support.

And this Tweet has caused an eruption among majority Ugandans who are evidently against gay activities.

US embassy officials and LGBT leaders pose for a photo (US Embassy Facebook)

US embassy officials and LGBT leaders pose for a photo (US Embassy Facebook)

The embassy tweeted: “Today U.S. Mission officials had a good meeting with leaders of the Ugandan LGBTI community to underscore our continued commitment to supporting the rights of all Ugandans — regardless of their sexual or gender identity.”

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Uganda face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Activists estimated in 2007 that the Ugandan LGBT community consisted of 500,000 people.


Both male and female homosexual activity is illegal. Non-vaginal intercourse (such as oral sex and anal sex) between heterosexuals is also illegal. Under the Penal Code, “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between two males carries a potential penalty of life imprisonment. The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 was passed on 17 December 2013 with a punishment of life in prison for “aggravated homosexuality”. The law brought Uganda into international spotlight, and caused international outrage, with many governments refusing to provide aid to Uganda anymore.

In August 2014, the Uganda Constitutional Court annulled the law. Nonetheless, LGBT people continue to face major discrimination in Uganda, actively encouraged by political and religious leaders. Violent and brutal attacks against LGBT people are common, often performed by state officials. Households headed by same-sex

couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to opposite-sex couples.


Homosexuality was accepted and commonplace in pre-colonial Ugandan society. The British Empire introduced laws punishing homosexuality when Uganda became a British colony. These laws were kept after independence.


And within minutes of the post on Twitter and Facebook, over 5000 Ugandans had taken to the comments to bash the embassy and the minority group.



Kiremye The Dream: “The right to promote acts in a society where it is deemed evil by moral standards, culture and all religions is no right at all. It is no right to shove it down our throats. We won’t accept publicizing vile behaviours.”

Helen Claire Kagimu cpmmented: “Please look up Sections 145, 146, and Section 147 of the Penal Code Act, Cap. 120 of the laws of Uganda. It provides for Offences against Morality, and among them, is what is termed as “Unnatural offences”!”

Jamal Omusomesa simply stated: “This is not us”

Amadi Kennedy posted: “LGBTQ is a devil’s agenda meant to steal, destroy and kill souls .Shun promoting this evil act and fear God,US Embassy ! Ugandans, say NO to this abominable practice!”

Robinson Mugisha commented: “People like you have no place in this beautifully world.”

Faustin Kin Fajan said: “You are breaking the law this is very illegal in Uganda.”

Elijah Ntale: “We say no to homosexuality because our culture as well as our God doesn’t allow it. So please stay away from my people.”

Sembatya Henry dismissed gays: “We want NOTHING to do with Such INSANITY….”

Sebunya Martial Herera: “Excuse us those people need rehabilitation. We rejected that it’s against our Religion, culture and laws, on which basis do u stand to promote it, when we the country men rejected it.”



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