Rap star Feffe Bussi has reignited the ongoing Sheebah/Cindy war by siding with the latter.

Rapper Feffe Busi reignites Sheebah/Cindy warThe talented rapper has jumped on Cindy’s Copi Cat riddim and released a song titled Bagala, a diss song for a number of artists in

the Ugandan music industry including Sheebah Karungi, Gravity omutujju and Fik Fameika. 

The small rapper referred to Gravity Omutuju as a ‘Kelele’ Rapper,  Sheebah Karungi, as ‘Kimansulo’ and Fik Fameika as ‘A kavubuka ke kawempe’ loosely translated as a small boy from Kawempe.

This comes at a time when other musicians including Rachael Ray, Spice Diana also jumped on the tune.


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