Team No Sleep (TNS) musician Grenade survived death by whisker on Saturday night after being involved in nasty accident in Natete, a Kampala suburb.

Grenade survives in a car accident

Grenade survives in a car accident

According to eyewitnesses, his car reg no. UBF318A unbelievably rammed into another vehicle.

It remains a mystery how this happened since both cars were moving at a slow pace.

He was travelling with his crew from Mubende district where he had

a show at Club One.

Thankfully all passengers in both cars are fine with just minor injuries.

“We were in shock for almost 40 sec and no one was saying a word in the car until people came running towards the car. They were telling us to  get out of the car,” Grenade’s personal manager narrated.

This accident adds to others musicians under the stewardship of Jeff have been involved. Not that anyone is immune to accidents. Just because Jeff has previously been accused by some artistes including the late Moze Radio of witchcraft.

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