Dancehall star King Michael Mugwanya has intensified preparations ahead of his much anticipated music concert.


Its no longer a secret that the hugely talented dancehall star has set August 23 for his concert.

PHOTOS! King Michael Cozies Up To Side Dish At Video Shoot

And now the Muko Muko star has stepped up preparations for the concert.

For starters the musician has confirmed that Uganda Musicians Association members have all confirmed their presence at the show that will take place at Freedom City.

The Uganda Musician Association committee members have also confirmed they will be directly involved in the organisation of the big do.


Michael is a board member as the Dancehall Representative.


The Muko Muko singer will be launching his new 17 track album at Freedom City along Entebbe Road.
Speaking to Xclusive UG, Michael said the 17 song album is ready in audio and is now shooting videos as he prepares to rock his fans.
The musician further revealed he will be performing live both his new and old music at the mid year event.
Currently he is busy securing sponsors.
“On 23rd August, Ugandans should expect the best of me. Actually the show is called The Best of King Michael. I will be at my best,” the singer told us.
The musician, previously a disc jockey, said he will also have a deejaying session.
He added: I’m the dancehall representative of UMA the UGANDA MUSICIAN’S ASSOCIATION THANKS BE TO GOD.
Come 23rd August Freedom City will be lit with the best of me, myself and I.
So I can’t wait for u all my DANCEHALL fans and that’s the same day we gonna celebrate our HIGH SCHOOL AWARD FOR DANCEHALL ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2019. IT’S A BIG PARTY NIGHT.”
We can’t wait!!!

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