If he/she says and does things that cause confusion or you to feel like you are crazy, you’re being gaslighted.
If you’re being gaslighted you’ll feel self-doubt, question whether or not you are being overly emotional, become insecure in your role in the relationship and find yourself apologizing for everything that goes wrong in the relationship. It’s psychologically dangerous!
The Book Tears on my pillow

The Book Tears on my pillow

Unable to see things from your perspective.
He says something or does something that causes you emotional pain. You attempt to explain to him how you feel but are met with a blank stare or annoyance. He isn’t someone who can see things from your perspective. He isn’t someone who can understand why his actions had any impact on you, negative or positive. He is the kind of guy who says to you, “I’m not responsible for your feelings.” If he cheats on you, he wants you to get over it. If he doesn’t show up for a planned date, he accuses you of being uptight and controlling. He is a fool!
The ultimate hypocrite.
“Do as I say, not as I do.” He has extremely high expectations for fidelity, respect, and adoration. After the idealization phase, he will give none of this back to you. He will cheat, lie, criticize, and manipulate. But you are expected to remain perfect, otherwise, you will promptly be replaced and deemed unstable.
Pathological lying.
Before you even question him about a subject or situation he’ll have a lie ready to tell you. And, when caught lying, he expresses no remorse or embarrassment. He just tries to lie his way out of the original lie. His life is one big lie and so are his feelings for you.
#800080;">He focuses on your mistakes but ignores his own.