For the last months rumor had spread that socialite Bryan White was struggling financially.
It was widely reported that the self styled tycoon was struggling financially and had abruptly closed his charity programs.
Brian white giving out notes of 50,000 ugx to Serena employees

Brian white giving out notes of 50,000 ugx to Serena employees

In fact he had put all his expensive car on sale, it was reported.
Apparently in March this year, he sold off at least four Toyota Hiace vans which had been ferrying his Foundation members to different locations for his projects.
Sources said Bryan White, real names Brian Kirumira, wanted money so badly that he tasked his car brokers to help him to sell the four cars at cheaper prices compared to their market value.
For cars he bought at Shs65 million, he apparently sold them for Shs25 million.
This was on top of selling his other properties that included apartments, land among others.
But now it looks like those days of brokeness are over for Bryan White. We really told the showy fella is back. And bigger.
Sources tell us that Bryan White is set to restart his spending sprees and is expected to exceed his previous spree.
It’s not clear where he got the money but insiders tell us everything is in plac

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