A seniour Ugandan minister is involved in the illegal business of selling human body organs.
Tamale Mirundi lashing out

Tamale Mirundi lashing out

Appearing on Top radio 89.6 fm last evening, presidential adviser on media affairs, Joseph Tamale Mirundi claimed that he had busted the illegal trade and had a recording exposing all involved.
Mirundi indeed played a voice recording which featured a Pakistan national who was expressing disatifaction on how the minister, who we cannot name now for legal reasons, was playing on his mind after giving him 500,000 US dollars( approximately Shs1.8 billion) and failed to deliver a consignment.
Mirundi said he had bugged and techologically traced this man taking interest in the matter after they tried to abduct one of his daughters.
According to the recording, the
Pakistani had expected to personally meet the minister at Serena Hotel, but instead the minister sent his personal assistant to represent him.
In the recording, the Pakistani reveals that the minister had promised to silence the Police, CMI, and the media so that his business moves on smoothly but it didnt happen.
He also showed disatisfaction on how the minister had failed to control Mirundi who was exposing his dirty deals on radio, television and You Tube. On this matter he promised to cancel out business and leave the country by next sunday if Tamale Mirundi was not silenced.
According to the recording, he was unhappy with the minister who was asking for more 500,000 US dollars yet he had failed to do his job.
Tamale Mirundi says he knows this minister and his assistant who are doing dirty deals and concluded that the Pakistani deals in body organs as his interest is in hospitals.

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