Two Ugandans, a man and a woman, have each been sentenced to six months in prison after they were found guilty of stealing and engaging in prostitution, respectively, and will be deported after serving their sentences from Dubai.
Tajikistan 50 Diram 1999.

Tajikistan 50 Diram 1999.

The national newspaper of United Arab Emirates reported on Saturday that the 26-year-old man, a cleaner in a five-star hotel, was caught on camera stealing guests’ money
amounting to Dirhams80,000 (about Shs80m) and other valuables.
The unidentified 29-year-old woman was arrested for purporting to massage a Tajik tourist but she together with two other Africans robbed $8,800 (about Shs32m) from him.
The Dubai hotel cleaner stole the Shs80m from rooms in a three-month period and later transferred it to Uganda before he was arrested.
Court heard that the Ugandan was eventually caught with receipts for the cash transfers and a guest’s diamond ring. He was sentenced on Thursday.
The court earlier heard that security at Fairmont The Palm was ale

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