Star Bebe Cool’s son, Alpha Thierry Ssali, last evening left for China to take part in the Gothia Cup.

Bebe cool's son

Bebe cool’s son

Talented Alpha has been part of the Proline academy and is said to be highly successful.

Bebe Cool posted on his social media: “Alpha Thierry Ssali today at Julius Nyerere international airport on the way to China to participate in the Gothia cup/tournament 2019”
“With smart hard work, determination,and believing in Allah, you will mane it

coz every long journey starts with one step.
Wish u luck my boy,” he added.

The tournament kicks off from 11-16, 2019 at will

The cup aims to bring its over 40 years’ expertise, know-how and brand in the tournament to China, to share the joy from soccer with even more people. Gothia Cup was first held in 1975.
303 teams from 31 nations and regions have participated in Gothia Cup China. The goal is to create a meeting place for the youths of the world no matter religion, color or nationality and to experience the Chinese culture during the tournament.


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