CITY MODEL Giovanni Kavuma Lameka suffered a cardiac arrest following a drug and caffeine overdose, pals suspect.

The model, who famously featured in singer Sheebah Karungi’s chart topping Mummy Yo song video, was found lying lifeless at his home in a Kampala surbub.
Giovanni, working with events company, Fenon, suffered a heart attack leading to his sudden death.

He coughed blood before his death.
Now reports coming through indicate after a heavy gym session with his brother, one Ivan Kavuma, Giovanni headed home and ordered for food.

He sent someone to bring food home.

Unfortunately as he waited for dinner, Giovanni is said to have sniffed the cocaine, and consumed three bottles of Rock Boom energy drink, a combination that could have led to irregular heart beats leading to a heart attack.



“Giovanni was in gym with his brother Ivan. They did dead lifts with, and then he left to go rest. As usual he takes 2-3 energy drinks after gym to rest.

He was found dead with blood gushing from his mouth, ears and nose,” a pal said.

Milligrams of cocaine was also found in the room.
It’s now believed the cocaine and the high-caffeine energy drinks could have triggered the fatal heart attack.

It must be noted that there’s no proof that the drinks caused the death, but merely a signal there might be a problem.

In addition to caffeine, energy drinks contain other stimulants, including taurine and guarana, a caffeine-containing plant.

Because energy drinks are sold as nutritional supplements, they are not regulated as foods.

World over health warnings about energy drinks have been issued over and over.
Last year, researchers at the University of Miami reviewed the health effects of energy drinks on children, teens, and young adults.

Writing in the journal Pediatrics, they concluded that “energy drinks have no therapeutic benefit” and that “these drinks may put some people at risk for serious adverse health effects.”

These “health effects” include irregular heart rhythms and, in people who may have hidden heart risks, sudden death.

Rock Boom energy drink manufacturers were unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile Giavanni’s body is in Mulago Hospital for a postmortem and burial takes place tomorrow Thursday in Kikyusa, Katikamu.


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