Celebrated city lawyer Caleb Alaka was last evening, Saturday, thrown out of posh Skyz Hotel in Naguru, Kampala for being a ‘public nuisance’ following a booze bender.


The learned fellow was celebrating a deal that saw his team receive Shs100 million for an education trust fund.
Alaka and his buddies’ shs1.5 million rowdy booze binge was unfortunately cut short after customers complained to management.
“We were at Skyz Hotel. Our global ambassador for West Nile Education Fund had wired Shs100 million to our account.
We decided to celebrate by imbibing the bitter at Skyz. We ordered for bottles of Double Black whiskey. They cost Shs1.5 million,” Alaka wrote.
However, Alaka claims, when he ordered for food, he was segregated against for being an Acholi, and denied the food.
The hotel is owned by Patrick Bitature, a munyankole.
Management, however, has distanced itself insisting Alaka and his gang were thrown out by clients for being too rowdy.
“Customers complained and actually had Alaka escorted out. We had nothing to do with it,” a staffer said.
This is not the first time Alaka has been bounced from a public place.
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