A disturbing report doing the rounds on Social media  indicates UPDF has not paid Mission Allowances of up to $14.2 million US Dollars ‬(about 60 billion Ugandan Shillings) for 2,450 Soldiers in Somalia.
Uganda is part of the 22,000-strong African Union force (AMISOM) fighting the Islamist militant Group Al-Shabab in Somalia is funded by the EU.
There’s a Battle Group 26 (BG-26) deployed on 12th December, 2018. The Group has a total of 2,450 soldiers. Each individual soldier is meant to be paid 728 USD per month.
The allowances are meant to be paid to the servicemen accounts in a Quarter System (every after 3 months). No soldier has however been paid from this group.
Yet according to reports, African Union, through AMIZOM has reportedly been paying all the allowances to the Uganda government, except for the last two months.
The Servicemen we communicated with intimated that life is difficult, especially those who have families to take care of back home.
Given the nature of the Standard Operational Procedures in the UPDF, it is very hard for the troops to complain without facing severe reprimand from the Top Command.
Uganda joined Amisom in 2007 and is the force’s biggest contributor, with more than 6,000 troops.
The soldiers are crying for help.
UPDF spokesperson Brigadier  Richard Karemire was unavailable for comment.

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