Musician Hanson Baliruno and TV star Douglas Lwanga have really struck a very close relationship. No doubt!

Douglas in USA

Douglas in USA

Ever since Hanson returned from Sweden where he had stayed for years, he’s been getting close to various media personalities.
And this is definitely understandable since he wants people to help promote his music.

And who better than media practitioners through their various channels.

He (Hanson) has struck friendships with various journalists but no relationship compares to what he has with NBS TV host Lwanga.

The two have been so close with even talk suggesting Hanson

has joined Lwanga’s Purple Party franchise. Sources tell us that it is actually Hanson who funded the recent Jinja Purple Party edition, and has also promised to pump cash in the upcoming Hoima one.

A source adds Hanson is totally happy with how Lwanga has helped him push his music and feels he’s got to give back in return.
Currently the two are in Stockholm, Sweden together as they continue to bond, occasionally posting their bromance photos on their respective social media pages.

Douglas and Singer pose for pictures

Douglas and Singer pose for pictures

Clearly, theirs is a special friendship.


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