Raggamuffin Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has welcome another baby to the world, making it 37 kids, and still counting.
And fans have quickly taken to Facebook to congratulate him, with some hilariously giving him funny monikers for his proficiency with women.
One called him Ssebaana Weasel while another creatively replaced his Manizo alias with Mazina, calling him Weasel Mazina.
One of the singer’s lovers, Talia, dropped the baby boy early morning in a Kampala hospital.
Both mom and baby are in both health.
The new bundle of joy has been named Emmanuel, after his fallen uncle and Weasel’s brother
Humphrey, another of Weasel’s brothers, took to Facebook: “Please welcome EMMANUEL DOUGLAS MAYANJA Born yesterday to my Weasel Manizo and Talia congratulations.
Okuzaala kujagaana. And by the way, we(Ba Mayanja) all wanted to have a child to name them Emmanuel but weasel the sniper beat all of us to it.
Congs my brother. And welcome to the world Emma. #anotherMayanja.”



Another of Weasel’s girlfriends, Sandra Teta, is also pregnant.
The 34 year old might not be the most prolific musician among the Mayanja family but clearly Weasel beats them all in bed.

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