Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru

PALS FEAR they are losing the battle to save former Blu 3 musician, Jackie Chandiru.

The musician has been admitted at Naguru Hospital for the last two months, and we are told she is a really bad shape.

The star is back on drugs, and pals fear Sue’s lost the battle.

“Please kindly find how to help Jackie Chandiru. She has been hospitalized for  two months at Naguru hospital Surgical ward 4 in very bad

shape. In the names of Jackie Ayaa.

She’s being treated for substance abuse. Somehow some young girls smuggle in the drug for her and the nurses are tired of her.

She pupus on herself after substance abuse.
She takes her drugs in the bathroom or washrooms. She walks naked in the ward.
She sleeps on a bare mattress, no beddings. The situation is alarming, she got no attendant.
I’m sure nobody knows her whereabouts apart from those ‘bu girls’ who bring her drugs.
Her veins are badly damaged and can’t even pass an IV injection. She takes medication orally ,This girl might die,” a pal wrote.


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