His name was Sadiq.

He was tall with a gentle voice. His muscles admirable, his voice soothing and his gentility worth his demeanour.



I met Sadiq on a Thursday, 7 months after I had arrived in Dubai. On that fateful day, a day I recall very well, Sadik came over to deliver to us some food, after the former food delivery guy had mysteriously disappeared.

Each week, there was always a food delivery guy bringing for us food, and also taking away some containers whose contents I had never come to understand.
On this day, Sadik came over, and he noticed me peep from the window.

He called me out, asked for my name and then went on to wonder why I look too miserable and desperate. He seemed kind. He seemed to care.

But unknown to him, that house had cameras all over, and anyone showing us kindness was committing treason.

The next day, Sadik was brought back to that house, his arms tied from behind and stripped of his shirt. Sadik was murdered in broad day light through suffocation.

His crime: He showed mercy to wh**** as we were referred to.

After several months of my stay in the outskirts of Dubai, I felt a ting in my back. I had spent so many days working like a donkey, washing over 30 kilograms of clothes daily, cleaning blood-stained floors and often having to stay away for long hours without sleep.

On this one day, I felt weak, sick and could not stand. I could not even get out of bed that day.

My wake up time was always 5am, but on this fateful day,

by 8am I was still in bed. I had tried getting up only to slide so badly onto the floor which hurt my ankle.

And then as fate would have it, my boss came searching at exactly 9am. Fuming with so much anger, shouting on top of his voice in Arabic, he pulled me out of bed, dragged me to the washing room and threw me on the floor. He demanded to know why I had overslept. Mind you, I had diligently worked for these people for several months and there was a never a time I had ever woken up late.

I tried to explain in vain. The pain! The hurt! And now the emotional break down made me cry.

As expected, he pulled out a 6-inch long wire and hammered me a total of 7 times. The pain cut threw my skin with such ease that I could literally feel myself die.

I was covered in a duvet, but the pain was still severe. I could not even cry. I just mumbled. I wondered what sin I had ever committed.

After, he dragged me to a very small container, smelling of human urine and locked me inside. In there was no AC, no food, no water and nothing but just a dirty floor to sleep on.

My only possession being the duvet I was still holding onto.

For 2 days, I was locked in there without food or water and on the 3rd day, he sent someone to open for me.

I woke up in some make-shift structure only to be told I had collapsed and brought to a ‘hospital’

For a moment, I wondered why the world could be so cruel!
To be continued….

As told by Jaenatte Niwabine


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