COMEDIAN PATRICK Idringi Salvador has finally admitted all is not well between him and long time pal, Alex Muhangi.


And he has promised to resolve their differences.
In a Facebook post this Wednesday, Salvador admitted there is a fight between the two but insisted the differences can be solved since the two are ‘brothers’.
Social media has been awash with rumors of then pair being at loggerheads with many accusing Salvador of being jealous of Muhangi’s recent success.


(Muhangi) weekly Comedy Store shows are the biggest comic events in Uganda.
Salvador’s Just Comedy is just starting.
He wrote on Facebook: “10 years of hard work to be where we are, but all we can show now is bad blood between us, but this has been a tradition for me coz you are a brother and brothers do fight but eventually reconcile, one day we shall reconcile, you are an amazing soul and all I want to wish you today on this you big day is nothing but God’s blessings.

Happy birthday Alex Muhangi. May God shower you with blessings all night all day till the end of time. #BeBlessed

This is the best step.


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