YKEE BENDA has been confirmed for this week’s 5 Star Celebrity night set for tomorrow at the 5 star Pearl of Africa hotel.

Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda

Benda will be treated to a five star experience at the hotel tomorrow before he hosts his fans to a night out at the establishment’s exotic night club.
The singer- known as Kireka boy- could not hide his excitement and said he is looking forward to a memorable night come tomorrow.

Last week, musicians Feffe Bussi and Cozen Blood had a memorable night with fans at the 5 Star Celebrity night.
The all Star night is hosted by talented emcee Mc Kats.

The city MC bounced back stronger than ever following the saga with Fame Lounge as he signed a new deal with Pearl of Africa Hotel.
The famous night is hosted at the 5-Star Hotel, Pearl of Africa Hotel in the city centre.
After signing an MoU for the new partnership, an excited Mc Kats shared the paper work on social media.

He hit back at Fame Lounge calling it a small bar.
Indeed it is.

Check out photos from last week…

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