Diehard supporters of superstar Jose Chameleoene are planning a peaceful demonstration in a bid to have the singer release a big song.



The fans- who have described themselves as Chameleone diehard fans for life- are worried the musician is spending a lot of time in politics, and has abandoned music.

They say the singer has ‘given them thirst’.
In a letter to the singer, the fans believe he (Chameleone) still has a hit in him but he is just refusing to out the songs.

The diehard fans for life wrote: “DEAR OUR BELOVED SUPERSTAR, JOSE CHAMELEONE, with all due respect sir, why are you giving us this thirst, did we do any wrong to you our legend?

Is this the way you want to

pay us for the 20 years of support. We have loved you amidst all the media propaganda.

We stood by you but its so sad you have decided to shun from releasing music.
This is killing us.

Give us music, we know you have it. You have really turned us into a laughing stalk from other music camps. We are used to topping charts every year, now we have no songs on the market.

We dont want to give you an ultimatum but rather kindly ask you to give us music.

If there is a credible reason for this silence we kindly demand for an official statement and date release of the next Mega Hit Single Release.

Music made you and music will keep you relevant. Dont drop the mic, we still need you King Of Music Dr.Jose Chameleone.”
The singer is yet to respond.


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