Singer Rema Namakula’s fella- Hamza Ssebunya- has warned Facebook users against dragging Rema’s child in their social media drama.

A video of a seemingly irate Aamal Musuuza has done the rounds on Facebook and other platforms.
In the video, Aamal seems to be pinching Hamza as he dances with her mom Rema.
And Facebook users- in-laws as they are nicknamed- have been claiming that Aamal does not approve

of her mom’s marriage to Hamza.

Her dad is dumped Eddie Kenzo.

This topic has even made it to mainstream media with a section of people suggesting it was wrong for Rema to be with Aamal at the function.

Disgusted, Hamza has blasted the social media trolls telling them to cut Aamal some slack.

He wrote: “I see people talking a lot about us. I mean me and her (Aamal). Please take her out of ur trash. Leave the child out of this drama. .
She is a sweet, lovely innocent soul.”


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